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A short guide to Zagreb's best restaurants

Croatia's capital offers its visitors everything from fancy, French and Italian based cuisine, Asian fusion, top-quality street food, traditional Croatian food, and many more.

Dear readers, feast your eyes on Zagreb's best restaurant. 😊Although this short guide to Zagreb restaurant covers only a few from the numerous gastro offer in Zagreb, we made sure we picked only the best for you. 

Only a few years ago, if you wanted to go out and eat something in Zagreb, it meant choosing from just a handful of local restaurants that offer scant menus of meat and some pasta. But recently Zagreb went through sort off a gastro-revolution and restaurant of all types just keep on sprouting up all over. Now, Croatia's capital offers its visitors everything from fancy, French and Italian based cuisine, Asian fusion, top-quality street food, traditional Croatian food, and many more. Here's our batch of the best bistros in Zagreb.

Pod Zidom
This is one of Zagreb's top bistros that even found its place in the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide. So, obviously, this is a must-visit place. Pod Zidom cuisine is preserving tradition while blending it with modern techniques. Everything is made from fresh groceries brought directly from the nearby Dolac market and they also offer a wide selection of quality local wines. It's located just behind the main Zagreb square, with unique terrace and amazing view on Zagreb Cathedral. Simply lovely!

From traditional Croatian food to far east cuisine, we introduce you to the first Japanese restaurant in Croatia, Takenoko. Offering a unique menu that includes an incredible combination of Mediterranean and authentic Japanese food, this restaurant will take you through a unique gastronomic experience. The menu consists of first-class foods, and especially the highly regarded Japanese Bluefin tuna. It's located in the very centre, in Masarykova Street and the restaurant's glass walls offer impressive and modern appearance. 

Dubravkin put 
From far east to Mediterranean cuisine, welcome to Dubravkin put. Located in a wooded dell between the Upper Town and the Tuškanac woods, it features a cool minimalist interior full of dark-brown furniture tones and low-key lighting. Based on Mediterranean cuisine, seafood is the restaurant's strong point. With incredible abundant wine list, this place is also a perfect spot for an intimate drink accompanied by a tempting menu of nibble-snacks. 

Moving to probably the fancier restaurant in Zagreb, Zinfandel's. Located within Esplanade hotel, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes including duck, a daily selection of fresh fish, pan-roasted veal with foie grass or wild boar with a chestnut, truffle and pumpkin mousseline – the menu changes often to reflect the season. The interior is incredible, white tables underneath the sparkling chandeliers, while pianist strokes the keys for a room overlooking the Oleander terrace. You'll love it! 

Last on our list, but certainly, not least is the incredible Vinodol. Here meals are prepared according to traditional recipes, with a modern approach. Highlights include the succulent lamb; veal and potatoes under peka (traditionally baked in a coal oven); and more unusual options like pork fillets with dried plum sauce. The restaurant is located in Teslina Street, in the very heart of downtown Zagreb; encircled with fresh, green plants on our spacious outdoor terrace, and a warm, inviting interior.

Honestly, we are sooo hungry now, we just have to go and grab something to eat. Hope to see meet you there. Dobar tek! (if you know what we mean! 😉)