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Explore vintage charm of Zagreb

In last few years Zagreb has gone through amazing renaissance, from a short stopover to the Croatian coast to one of most visited European destinations.

Although it's widely known for its Christmas market, Zagreb is a very vibrant city full of cool content you can explore. Today we will explore its vintage charm. Full of interesting art and antique markets, you will surely find something unique to take home whatever your budget. Here is our list!

1. Hrelić flea market

Take a walk across Mladost Bridge on a Sunday morning, and you will see a see of people going to Zagreb's famous outdoor flea market Hrelić, located near the river bank. Here you can buy everything, from clothes, old bikes, bolts to furniture and cars! In short, this is a hotspot for oddities and rarities from all over the Croatia. If you don't find one-of-a-kind souvenir from here, you won't find it anywhere.

2. Britanac flea & antique market Zagreb

Little less dramatic then Hrelić, but still very interesting and well-worth of exploring is flea market located at the British Square, also held every Sunday. Here you will find cool stuff such as second-hand books, vintage magazines, old postcards, stamps, coins, and vintage furniture. This means that Britanac flea market is heaven for curious hunters and it's only few tram stations from main city square. Great way to spend Sunday, for sure!

3. Ulični ormar

After stamps, furniture and old car it's time that we focus a little bit more on our fashionista persona. You always loved your mothers or grandmother old clothes? You always imagined you would look great in 60's jeans or 20's fringed dresses? Then this is a place to visit! Ulični ormar (meaning street closet) is a vintage boutique with an extensive woman's collection of dresses, knits, leathers, blouses, bags and shoes and a smaller men's clothing selection. Located in the city centre, you can make it into a shortstop or enjoy the vintage collection all day.

4. Free Bird

from clothes to music! It's time to go shopping for some vintage LP's and CD's. Opened since 1999, the lovely second-hand music shop Free Bird stocks enormous amount of LP's and CD's from various musical genres. The shop also sells hi-fi and other musical equipment. Known for its weekly sales, Free Bird offers great value for money. It's located near the city centre, so be sure to check it out on one of your sightseeing. 

5. Oldtimers

It's time to drive back in time with class. Welcome to the Car Museum Ferdinand Budicki. The museum honours Budicki pioneering, and everything auto-related with an impressive array of cars and motorbikes. Inside of the museum, you will also find a rich collection of photos with captions of vehicle development in Croatia. Museum is located within large shopping centre outside of the city, but there are regular bus lines that will get you there relatively fast.

That's it, folks. Pack your enthusiasm and snag yourself a bargain with our guide to flea markets, record stores and vintage shops in Zagreb.