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From pale ale to cocktails: explore Zagreb's top bars & breweries

Are you up for a night out in the Croatian capital? Not sure where to go? Don't worry, that's why we are here. We picked top bars and breweries that you should check while in Zagreb, and we covered everything from urban to traditional and alternative.

Our list starts with two bars that have been around for so long, that they almost have an iconic status. Their names are Melin and Alcatraz, and they are both settled within the city centre. Melin is a retro styled bar, located at famous Tkalčićeva street. It's all about jazz and liquor here. Decorated with old TV's, flea market lamps, makeshift tables, vintage carpets, and a tiny stage for occasional live performance, this place will win your heart easily. Besides the retro interior, Melin also has a wonderful terrace, ideal for mingling in the hot summer nights. Having a wide range of wines and spirits, we are sure you'll have a pretty fun night here 😉. Alcatraz, on the other hand, is a more industrial style bar located in Preradovićeva street. It might be small, but it's sure as hell packed with great atmosphere and interesting decoration. From American number plates, beer flags, mannequins, and quirky paintings hanging from the wall, this bar will offer you a spectacular fun-time. This is a place where you go and have a no-worries-on-my-mind kind of weekend. The booze is reasonably priced, the music is loud and the staff is friendly. What more could you need? 

From the iconic Zagreb bars, we are moving on to more modern places. First on our list is Dežman bar located in the Dežman Street known for calming atmosphere and modern interior, decorated with matt-black walls and geometric shape lamps. Here you can enjoy everything from excellent coffee, top-quality wines, craft beers and delicious sandwiches and cakes. Our next stop is Tesla Power House bar, located at the very heart of the city centre, at Varšavska street. Looking for something to spark up your night? Then Tesla Power House is a place to visit. It's more a groovy nightspot than just a café-bar, and here you can have anything from wines, beer and fancy cocktails, while DJ blasts your favourite hits. 

From iconic and modern, it's time we head down to the gold old rock'n'roll path. Here are two hard rock places you should defiantly visit while in Zagreb. First on our list is Bikers Beer Factory or short BBF is an incredible place well worth of visit. Located in Savska Street, just a couple of tram stations away from the city centre, this place is packed with content. Although the name would suggest otherwise, BBF is by no means a niche bar for a niche public. Indeed, motorcycling here is the main theme, and yes, there is a motorbike repair shop at the same address, but the general atmosphere here is laid-back, enjoy cold beer and rock and roll kind of thing. Here you can enjoy a variety of beers, spirits, live music during weekends and delicious food. Oh, there is also a barber shop in case you need a fast beauty makeover 😉. Another great place to visit, with a similar vibe to it as BBF is Booze and Blues bar, located on the vibrating Tkalčićeva Street. Enter dark, atmospherically lit space, decorated with all kinds of memorabilia and enjoy live music that includes funk, rock and roll and of course blues. Here you can taste anything from wine, whiskey, rakija and of course craft beer from Istrian brewery San Servolo. 

To round up this list, we must mention two more, rather special places. These are the shrines of craft beer. First on our list is Pivana or Zagreb Brewery located in Ilica, main city street. This brewery is home of local favourite beers such as Ožujsko and Tomislav as well as brewed-under-licence incomers such as Staropramen and Carling. Recently Pivana added Grif beer to its offer, a remarkable craft beer made inside of microbrewery within the original one. Here you can also enjoy a delicious meal in an incredible atmosphere of their large terrace. Next, and final on our list is The Garden Brewery, located in an old red brick factory in Zagreb's industrial east. This place is the urban must-visit spot that offers a variety of craft beer and delicious hamburgers. The brewery also has an excellent night program that hosts hip-hop legends, international DJ's and the local superstars. Well, what more could you ask for? 

So, that's about it. Of course, this is not all Zagreb can offer. There are a load of other bars, pubs and restaurant that you can visit during your stay, but we hope our list will help you have an unforgettable time in Zagreb. Cheers!