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Good, better, best: learn more about Zagreb's top unusual museums

In the last few years, Zagreb museums have become one of the city's top attractions.

There are all sorts of them scattered around the city, from traditional ones to avant-garde. In this post, we will focus more on the latter ones, since there's a chance you might overlook them. Some of them are so corky that museum hopping suddenly became chic and cool.

First on our list is the highly praised Museum of Broken Relationships. Know museum, it was initially created as an art installation by a couple who broke up. The museum displays unusual items that people want to get rid of once they end their relationship. Here you can see anything from simple items such as a love letter to a bit bizarre items such as an axe.

Next on our list is also highly praised museum, the Museum of Illusions. Step inside the anti-gravity room or the Ames room full of swirly design, enjoy incredible optical illusions and holograms or get your head on the plate. If this isn't eye candy museum full of Instagram worthy photos, we don't know what is.

Brace yourselves because next on our list is the Museum of Torture. Yes, torture! That actually exists. The museum displays various torture and execution instruments that have been employed since ancient times to the present day. With over 70 full-scale instruments of torture, the museum will send the chills down your spine. There is also a creepy dungeon, an extra small room in which visitors can experience what it was like to be trapped inside this horror spaces.

Not as creepy as the above-mentioned museum, but equally unusual is the Museum of Mushrooms. The museum displays more than 1200 species of real mushrooms from around the world, plus numerous newly discovered species. What is really interesting is that the mushrooms are preserved in their original state so to educate visitors about mushrooms and mycology, making this museum unique in the world.

Last on our list of unusual museums is the Typhlological Museum, one of the few museums in the Europe that deals with the problems of disabled persons. Imagine you were completely or partially blind? How could you enjoy arts masterpieces? Here you can experience specially design installations, illuminating feature and a dark room. The museum also covers the history and development of Braille.