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Must-see Zagreb attractions

Croatia is certainly most famous for its rugged coastline dotted with thousands of islands, but its continental parts are unfairly less praised as they are equally attractive.

One such destination is Zagreb, Croatia's landlock capital, and it's time t give it more spotlight. Sights such as Upper Town, Maksimir Park or King Tomislav Square are something that would draw visitors, as much as they would be drawn to sandy beaches of Dalmatia. So, let's uncover this urban city full of history, culture and warm-hearted people as we go through must visit Zagreb attractions.

Note: we'll skip the museums this time…we kinda already talked about them 😉

First on our list Upper Town (Gornji Grad)

Cobblestone streets, red-tiled roofs and historical buildings. That's what medieval Upper Town is all about. Once two separate towns known as Kaptol and Gradec, now united in the Upper Town is home to many of the city's most visited tourist attractions, including the cathedral, parliament building, St. Mark's Church and numerous museums and churches. You can get there strolling through famous Radićeva Street, or you get all wild and job on Europe's shortest funicular ride. 😊

Zagreb Cathedral and Treasury on 2nd place

Widely famous for its two decorated spires, the 13th-century cathedral gives somewhat a monumental, imposing vibe. Step inside and enjoy lavish interior adorned with stained glasses, massive statues, and marble altars. Be sure to also visit the cathedral treasury with its many fine works of religious art, garments, and sacred objects.

3rd place: green, greener…it's the Maksimir Park…oh, and a ZOO

Nature and active lifestyle lovers gather because Maksimir Park is true outdoor heaven located just 15 min tram drive from the main square. The beautiful green oasis, designed in the style of an old English garden is a perfect place for all generation to gather and enjoy a relaxing picnic, slow walks or recreation. Founded in the 18th century by the bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac the Park encompasses impressive 780 acres of pure greenery where you can enjoy walking, running, cycling or just have a chilling picnic. For an extra boost of excitement, be sure to check Zagreb city zoo hosted within the beautiful park. Besides the abundance of various animals, you can enjoy a lovely stroll around a well-decorated zoo or have coffee and ice cream in the accompanying restaurant. BONUS: Cross the street from Maksimir, and you can visit the Dinamo Football Stadium where Croatia hosts international matches.

Yup! More green…welcome Botanical Garden on the 4th place

Originally built as a research area for Zagreb University's Faculty of Botany, the Garden today encompasses around 50,000 square meters. Escape from the city fuss and buzz and enter meditation state as you stroll around the arboretum, two ponds with numerous aquatic plants, an ornamental bridge, all covered with approximately 10,000 different plant species. Have we mentioned that the Botanical Garden is located practically in the very centre of the city?

It was all yellow…well not all, but Croatian National Theatre in 5th place sure is!

Just few minutes' walk from the Botanical Garden you'll get to the imposing yellow tinted Croatian National Theatre. It was built in 1895 by Viennese architects Hermann Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner. All pumped up in the Neo-Baroque and Rococo styles, with two small domes at the front and a larger dome towards the back, the structure's interior boasts artworks by famous Croatian artist, painter Vlaho Bukovac and The Well of Life by another famous Croatian artist, sculptor Ivan Meštrović. So, if you find time in your schedule, be sure to attend opera, ballet, or drama performances.

That's it! We can only hope that you enjoyed our list, but we are sure you'll enjoy Zagreb.