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The less obvious things to do on Zagreb Christmas Market

Zagreb Christmas Market offers such an interesting content that it would be a shame if you only stick around city's centre. We bring you a list of top five less obvious things to do while hoping around Zagreb's Advent.

We know Christmas markets are all about mulled wine, sausages, socialising and grooving on jolly christmasy tunes.

♥ Artsy-fartsy Christmas

How about Christmas with an artistic spin? Zagreb offers an abundance of content during holidays for all art lovers. You can visit Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Arts and Crafts, The Archeological Museum Gallery, Arts Pavilion, Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, The Mimara Museum all scattered around the city's centre.

♥ Animal lovers holidays

Take a short tram ride from the city centre and hit to the Maksimir Park and City's Zoo designed for an ultimate family Christmas time. There you will find various educational and fun programs for children, along with programs and a selection of offers for grown-ups. What better way to spend Christmas then surrounded by family in a wonderful set up of green park and zoo.

♥ Mystical Advent 

Once used as an underground World War II shelter, now the Grič Tunnel glows with a stunning Christmas dazzle. Mystical atmosphere, light shows, and echoing music makes this tunnel an extraordinary place. You'll love it.

♥ Christmas + Fashion = Happiness

Fashionistas around the world, here is your chance to have a Christmas just the way you like it – surrounded by clothes. Head to the Oktogon Passage in the heart of the city centre and stroll through the beauty of Croatian fashion design.

♥ Join the joy ride

Here is yet another lovely treat for youngsters. The jolly Christmas tram rides along city's centre for a half hour while Santa and his missus, along with fairies, elves and various guests entertain children with songs, stories and surprise prizes. Now that's what we call Merry Christmas!