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Top 5 Zagreb Parks: Perfect for Late summer days

Yes, Croatia's capital boasts numerous parks, lakes, promenades and one beautiful mountain rising above the city.

Now that the summer is almost over, and heat is slightly eased, it's a perfect time to grab your red & white checkered picnic blanket and hit the outdoors. Unlike other capital cities around Europe, Zagreb is known for its green urban areas. Yes, Croatia's capital boasts numerous parks, lakes, promenades and one beautiful mountain rising above the city. Here are the top 5 parks you should visit while staying in Zagreb.

Located between Zagreb's main square and main railway station, Zrinjevac is a perfect park for short city break or evening stroll. It's decorated with beautiful fountains, exuberant trees, wooden benches, carefully arranged flowers, a meteorological post and a music pavilion in the centre of the Park. During the summer and Christmas market, Zrinjevac also stands as the location with various fun content. 

💚Maksimir Park 
The beautiful green oasis, designed in the style of an old English garden is a perfect place for all generation to gather and enjoy a relaxing picnic, slow walks or recreation. Founded in the 18th century by the bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac the Park encompasses impressive 780 acres. Explore Maksimir by foot or on the bicycle as you stroll down its many paths and trails surrounded by man-made lakes, wooded areas, and flower garden. 

💚Ribnjak Park 
Just a 5 minute of a casual stroll from the Ban Jelačić Square and you'll find a wonderful Ribnjak Park. Fun fact: the park was named after the fishponds in the area. His current form was projected in 1830 by Zagreb bishop Aleksandar Alagović and architect Leopold Klingspogle.  The whole area was transformed into an English type garden. Today, the park covers the area of almost 40 000 square meters and has thirty-year-old yew, an old plant of Atlas cedar-tree, many magnolia trees and liquidambars. 

On the slopes of Medvednica mountain, lies Cmrok – a meadow and a hill beloved by many locals who wish to relax and get away from the city buzz. During the warmer seasons, it's crowded with dog owners and their pets, but when it's snowing in Zagreb, here you will find a bunch of kids having fun riding a slope. For extra recreation, skip the bus line, and walk to Cmrok. It's not far from the centre, but it is uphill!

💚 Park Bundek
Located in Novi Zagreb, Bundek is a beautiful Park that went through a major makeover in 2005. It's a famous nature getaway for a lot of locals, who enjoy running, walking, cycling, chilling by the lakes or having a barbeque. There are bars and cafes around the lake as well for those who really like to unwind. It's not that far from the city centre, and you can get there by car or by public transportation. 

That's it, folks! Hope you are ready for your next adventure in Zagreb. Stay safe!